316 | Mha iri

Streamed LIVE on Techno.FM on May 16th 2020

This week’s guest mix is from Melbourne-based dj/producer, Mha Iri, featuring all original tracks.

Mha iri’s production style is melodic yet driving with tough basslines and kick drums paired with dark synths and her own ethereal vocals to give a unique sound that is as captivating as it is dance worthy. Her strong musical style and powerful connection with her audience have allowed her to quickly carve out a name for herself the underground music scene.

She has played at a myriad of established underground venues in Australia and Internationally. She also holds a residency with Xe54.

Mha iri’s tracks have received support from artists such as Deborah De Luca, Luigi Madonna, Coyu, Joseph Capriati, Spartaque, Mario Ochoa and many others.

Original art used for this week’s cover art by: unknown artist. If you know the name of the artist, send us a message so we can add a credit.


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