235 | Shea Marie

Recorded LIVE on Rebel Mix March 10, 2018

First 65 minutes features special guest @shea-marie, last hour by host @estherbenoit

SHEA MARIE: @shea-marie

What makes a great DJ? Some argue that context is key, and being able to read a room to select the right tunes to fit the vibe is an essential skill. Others see the DJ as a chaperone of taste, educating listeners as they are taken on journeys that induce the timeless feelings of dancefloors past, or strange and euphoric directions towards futurism.
A music lover before all else, Shea is a veteran DJ of dance floors across North America that can check off all of these boxes. Willing to explore musical territory, but always mindful of context, Shea has mastered the esoteric (and often forgotten) art of the opening dj.
After formative dancefloor experiences in the Midwest, Shea set out on a mission to dj and started buying house and disco records. By 2006, Shea was playing out in St. Louis regularly at local institutions such as the Upstairs Lounge, Erato, Urban, Modesto, Pride, FLY and Girl Friday events.
Shea’s career had her traveling around for work and always searching for the local music scene wherever she landed; in 2009, it was Nashville, TN. In 2011, Shea relocated to Toronto where she instantly fell in love with the city and the electronic music scene. A recent stint in Toronto led Shea to play regularly at Summerdaze, a summer day party that has amassed a respected reputation in the Toronto house scene.
Today, Shea continues to develop both musical taste and technical prowess, creating a vibe both caters to time and place and is ripe with originality.


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