#133 | Enzo Leep [Spain]

Rebel Mix #133 ft Enzo Leep

Enzo Leep –> http://soundcloud.com/enzo-16

(Rewire Musik)
/Amoeba Label
/Tip Tap
/Deep Tech
/Yoruba Grooves
/True Type Tracks

Álvaro Lamet is Enzo Leep, a young sevillan artist (24 years old) who is undoubtedly one of the most promising Spanish artists. His career as a producer is short, but very efficient.

He has released many songs in labels like Amoeba Label, Deep Tech, Yoruba Grooves, Organic Music, Wavetech Limited or Eklektisch, among others. He has shared projects and productions with great artists such as Medu, Fernando Sanz, César Martínez, Christian Farias or, soon, Fran Von Vie.

Nowadays he runs, with Medu, his own record label, Rewire Music, based in Barcelona and focused on a “rustic underground” concept, from a minimalist point of view.


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