#81 | Dainty Doll [aka Martinique]

Rebel Mix 81 – Recorded LIVE on April 27th 2013
7-9 PM on Techno.FM

ft host Esther Benoit (first 45 mins)
@djdaintydoll aka Martinique (latter hour)

Esther Benoit tracklist

Trufo Plus (Original Mix) – @hanfrymartinez & @carballo
Anapoda (Original Mix) – Eleven & Radum
What’s Up (Alexkid Dub Remix) – @dub-taylor
Fire Face (Original Mix) – @nick-daring
Go (Original Mix) – @smash-tv-1 ft Yoko Duo
Le Chanteur de Rues (@josemandtacoman Remix) – @lucamofficial, @just2
Rush (@franciscofrink & @enricricone Remix) – @dole-and-kom
A Better Light (@themartinezbros Dub) – @santos-resiak ft Dilo
Somebody (@alexkid Remix) – @monkey-brothers

Dainty Doll tracklist
1.@justin-martin-music – Ruff Stuff (@eatseverything‘s Reruff) ‘Dirtybird’
2. @christiangreen & @just2 – E-Motion (Original Mix) ‘ Soon On WTF! Music’
3. @djfronter – Fel Al Massa (Original Mix) ‘Soon on WTF! Music’
4. Dainty Doll – Shades On Hands Down (original mix) ‘Soon on WTF! Music’
5. @tomhades – True Moments (@amonavas Rework) ‘Soon on Natura Viva’
6. @kevinandrewshw – 3 O’Clock (Original Mix) ‘World Sound’
7. @reneamesz, @jasper-clash – Phatty (Original Club Mix) ‘Toolroom’
8. Dainty Doll – Happy Slappy (original mix) ‘Soon On WTF! Music’
9. @hollen – Electrocution (original mix) ‘Suara’
10. @paulritch – Common Sense (original mix) ‘SCI+TEC’
11. @mr-bizz – Consequence (original mix) ‘SCI+TEC’
12. Dainty Doll – That’s Nasty (original mix) unreleased
13. @stefano-noferini – You Can Do It (original mix) – ‘Deeperfect’


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