#78 | Zaid Edghaim

Rebel Mix 78

Recorded LIVE in Toronto April 6th 2013

First 80 minutes – @zaidedghaim(soundcloud.com/thoughtless/sets/thoughtless-music , Hushlamb Productions)
Last 40 minutes – Esther Benoit

Omul Invizibil (Cleymoore remix) By Mr John
Pelicul By Solart
Declaration By Jerome C
Arrival By Jerome C
Deeply Technical By Duky
Bullet Belt By Nobodi
Sanctuary By Ferro
Milkyway93 By Diferit
081091 (Archie Hamilton & Patrice Meiner remix) By Ferro
Simply By Pheek, Marc Neyen
The Future (As We Said Remix)
Mangho (Robot Needs Oil remix)By Robert Gratza
Love Is Always By East End Dubs
Butterflies & Dragons By Seb Zito
Limbus (Paul Loraine’s Absent Without Leave Remake) By Nadja Lind
Sometimes By Jamahr


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